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World-class Personal Training.      Private Gym.       Austin, Texas.   




World-class Personal Training.      Private Gym.       Austin, Texas.   



If you’re tired of being just another face in the gym, or if you’re looking for something different and more authentic, it’s time to visit Raw Power Austin. We’re a community-based private gym catering to individuals of all ages and fitness levels. We provide a supportive environment where you feel like family and everyone around you is invested in your success. 

We’re all about individual results. At Raw Power, you’ll never be crammed into impersonal group classes or given cookie-cutter exercise routines. We measure progress based on each client achieving their individual fitness goals.

At Raw Power Austin, we believe in leading by example. Our entire staff is comprised of former real world athletes who utilize their experience and knowledge to bring out the best in each and every client. No matter what your goals are, one of our top-notch training professionals can help you achieve it. 

Whether you’re looking for weight loss solutions that get you looking your best, power lifting or sport-specific training, speed and agility improvement, marathon coaching, kettle-bell and boxing or even rehabilitation workouts --

Raw Power Austin has got you covered.

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The best 'BIG BOX' gym alternative in Austin. 

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No matter what your goal, ability or exercise preference is, Raw Power Gym has a program to match. From strength training to cardio, from kickboxing to running, you’re sure to find a program that appeals to you.


Basic personal fitness coaching designed for anyone who’s just starting out. No more feeling intimidated about the equipment/exercises or worrying about “doing it wrong.” Let our supportive and knowledgeable staff design an individualized health and fitness program to help you achieve your goals.



Whether for recreation or competition, our powerlifting programs focus on improving your “Big 3” lifts - Squats, Bench Press and Deadlifts. By mastering these full-body movements you’ll experience dramatic increases in power, strength and size. Not to mention the confidence gained by utilizing compound movements that burn tons of calories and get you shredded.  It doesn’t matter if you want to elevate your game for sports, become a competitive lifter, or just push your personal limits - our powerlifting program is great for anyone interested in getting stronger. Several of our trainers are prior competitors and coaches and have the experience you need to excel with these benchmark exercises.  With two coaching world titles - and numerous state and national championships to his credit - Seneca Sarnella and his team are dedicated to helping you become the strongest version of yourself possible.


Engineered for both youth and adults, our sport-specific athletic programs are custom-tailored to meet your specific training needs. Whether you’re a 10-year-old warrior just learning the ropes, or you’ve been a seasoned athlete your entire life, our veteran coaches can design a strength and conditioning program to help you go further, faster and improve your game.

We offer sport-specific coaching in many popular areas including:


●      Football

●      Baseball

●      Basketball

●      Tennis

●      Wrestling

●      Golf

●      Track

●      Soccer

●      And many more!

Our coaches specialize in designing both on and off-season programs that offer peak performance during game time and promote healing and improvement afterwards. With Raw Power in your corner, there’s no limit to how far you can go.


Built for runners - by runners. The endurance program is for anyone interested in training for a local 5 or 10K all the way up to ultra-marathons or triathlons. Raw Power’s skilled coaching staff can put together a complete strength and conditioning program for the beginner endurance athlete, or help a seasoned pro refine their technique, improve durability and increase overall speed.  On and off-season training programs are available, as well as performance nutrition and hydration strategies, all designed to help you maximize your performance year-round.


Ready to test your limits and promote real change in your life? Then transformation training may be the answer. An intense, yet individualized exercise and nutrition program designed for those looking to lose weight and get fit. Also a great option for anyone who has a deadline for their fitness goals (weddings, reunions, vacations or any other special occasions).  The experienced staff at Raw Power will assist you in quickly transforming your body and providing the skills necessary to support lasting results. 



While many athletes look good, they often don’t have the Raw Power to back it up. That’s where Strongman training comes into play. Functional, real world strength and conditioning that allows you to be fit, strong and packed with explosive power.  Whether you’re looking for strongman/strongwoman training for sport, performance or competition our in-house experts can help you find your inner beast. Forget the crazy, injury-prone CrossFit or box gym workouts, our time-tested programs develop real strength while keeping your joints and muscles healthy throughout the process.

Strongman training is a terrific option for anyone looking to get in all-around great shape. Moreover, individuals interested in participating in strongman competitions can learn from one of the area’s best coaches. Gym owner Seneca Sarnella is a two-time Texas Strongest Man competition winner and highly decorated strength athlete.  Train with Seneca or any of our other experienced strongman coaches and take your skills and strength to the next level!


Not wanting to go it alone? Prefer to work out with others? We’ve got you covered. Raw Power’s boot camp classes offer a great balance of conditioning and strength training set in a fun, group environment. Exercising with others ups the accountability factor and keeps you motivated towards achieving results.  Contact us now to learn about current offerings and program schedules.


Our small group/buddy training is geared towards parties of 2-5 people wanting to get in shape together. Small group training is excellent for building relationships with friends and loved ones and is also a budget friendly option (especially if 1 on 1 coaching is not feasible).


Power-based programs tailored for recreation, sports, performance or competition. Our team is ready to help you master two of the main Olympic lifts: Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. As well as offer valuable instruction for properly executing squats, deadlifts and other overhead movements critical for gaining strength and power.  Although open to anyone, the Olympic weightlifting program is especially great for young athletes needing to learn these movements for school or league sports activities.

The Raw Power Austin staff includes Olympic lifting specialists as well as USAWL trained coaches.


Comprehensive training focused on boxing technique and conditioning. This program provides a fantastic overall workout with special emphasis on proper form and movement. We also offer classes in cardio boxing and kickboxing as well. A must for anyone looking to step into the ring or take their skills and stamina to the next level.  Led by former competitive fighter and trained combat coach Bryan Acosta, our 30-60 minute classes will leave you wanting to tap out (but strong enough not to). Bryan’s classes are ideal for anyone interested in learning self-defense or advanced fighting techniques. Get the confidence and skills you need to defend yourself and your family. Burn fat and increase overall stamina. Get in the best shape of your life!

ARX Adaptive Resistance Machine

As one of only two gyms in all of Texas, we are proud to offer the revolutionary ARX machine. This is the newest fitness technology in the industry. Adaptive Resistance Exercise can change the way you train and improve strength in a whole new way.  




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Raw Power Austin staffs an unrivaled group of passionate and dedicated fitness experts to help you achieve your most demanding physical goals. From those just wanting to get “in shape”, all the way up to athletes looking to gain high-end athletic performance, our trainers specialized experience can assist you in crossing the finish line.

Most of our personal trainers have athletic or fitness backgrounds and have a common desire to empower others by sharing the knowledge they’ve gained throughout their journey. Our Austin-based coaches are with you every step of the way - keeping you motivated, focused and on track.

Our services are called personal training for a reason - because the focus is on you. When you’re ready to stop being treated like another face in the crowd, and want to experience fitness with a personal touch, give Raw Power Austin a try. Experience what it’s like to work with a partner who’s as invested in your success as you are.




Co-founder and gym owner Seneca Sarnella knows what Raw Power is all about. As a two-time Texas Strongest Man champion - and highly decorated strength athlete - Seneca has unparalleled knowledge of strength training and nutrition. Additionally, Seneca holds two coaching world titles and has many national/state championships to his credit.  Seneca has trained athletes of all ages, abilities and disciplines and understands how to bring out the best in anyone. Seneca and the Raw Power team are relentless about providing a safe, supportive and motivating training environment like no other in the Austin area.  So, the only question now is what’s holding you back? Which areas are you looking to get stronger, faster or better in? Put Seneca's years of experience and knowledge to use and avoid the costly mistakes that cause so many others to stumble. Come learn, grow and be part of the Raw Power Austin family.


Co-founder and gym owner Shannon Sarnella is the second half of Team Raw Power. Shannon is an accomplished athlete herself and has been an avid fitness enthusiast her entire life. She’s also an expert in business and knows how to assemble a rock-solid team to generate results for her clients.  Both Shannon and Sarnella are of the mindset that in order to be successful in the fitness arena it must be a lifestyle and not just a job. That’s why Raw Power employs trainers and coaches that share this philosophy and exhibit the same passion for helping others as they do.  Shannon is also a proud mother and wife and understands the challenges facing busy women today. She’s walked the path you’re on and has learned how to balance family, fitness and career at the same time. It really is possible to have it all, and Shannon can show you how.  Why not call or stop by our Bee Cave office today and make an appointment with Shannon? She’d loved to share her wisdom and help you get fit and fabulous no matter what stage of life you’re in.


Brian is one our most experienced trainers. With 15 plus years in the industry and a variety of specialties he is a great choice for any client with any goal. Brian has been a competitive powerlifter, strongman, MMA fighter and highland games athlete. He is also skilled in injury rehab and prevention. Brian is our in house boxing specialist for those interested in learning technique and conditioning for boxing and ground work. Please contact us to set up a free hour consultation with Brian to go over your goals and how he can help you achieve them. 



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As a certified personal trainer with proven results, Kyle has helped dozens of Austinites transform their bodies and improve their fitness. His coaching philosophy is simple - support clients to the fullest, provide them with the resources to succeed and guide them through the process. According to Kyle, “90% of change comes from having the right systems in place. I can help you achieve your fitness goals and will be there to encourage you every step of the way.”  After experiencing his own transformation early in life (from skinny weakling to unstoppable athlete) Kyle’s passion for training has never wavered. Realizing he could help others make the same dramatic changes in their own lives, Kyle has worked relentlessly to show others how physical health can improve all aspects of living.   Kyle understands that the focus should always be on the client. Imagine what it would be like - after working with him for just 8-12 weeks - to have the body you’ve always wanted. How much would that improve your self-esteem, confidence and outlook on life? How would those feelings transform your personal and professional relationships?  Better yet, imagine not having to go it alone. Instead, enlisting the experience and guidance of a true professional to help you along your journey. Everything is laid out for you in easy to follow steps and implemented in the safest training environment possible.  Are you tired of looking in the mirror and being disappointed at what you see? Ready to let go of the sluggish, insecure feelings holding you back? Then you’re one step away from completing the transformation of a lifetime!  Whether you want to bulk up, lean down, or just feel better in your own skin - Kyle can design a plan to get you there. Contact Raw Power Austin today to learn more or setup your appointment with Kyle.


Although Raw Power training programs are designed to be as safe as possible, muscle soreness and stiffness are still a possibility. That’s when in-house therapist Paul Clear saves the day. Paul is certified in both ART (Active Release Therapy) as well as traditional deep tissue massage.  Both techniques are great for rejuvenating tired, sore muscles or dissipating stress from modern life. Paul is also a personal trainer and athlete, so he’s intimately familiar with the cause and treatment of most common sports-related injuries.  Whether you need help with simple aches and pains, or more extensive myofascial issues, Paul is the man. Don’t let lifestyle-tension or exercise-related pain put a damper on your training. Come in or call to schedule a session with Paul and start feeling better today.



A certified personal trainer and CrossFit instructor who's passionate about helping others. Nathan is no stranger to experiencing fitness struggles of his own. After a long downward spiral into a world filled with junk food, low energy and little to no activity, Nathan’s weight swelled to 225 lbs. As the final straw, Nate stepped on the scale at the doctor’s office was told he was obese and his health was failing.  Something had to change.  He started by simply getting off the couch and walking each day (no exceptions). Pretty soon, one block became two and two became three until he was walking 2.5 miles every day. Walking soon turned into jogging and eventually morphed into running. Before long, Nathan had signed up for his first marathon. And after adding weights to the equation, he became the strongest and fittest he had ever been.  It was at this moment that Nate discovered his life’s passion - helping others to achieve their own fitness goals. According to Nathan, “I’ve met so many amazing people along the way that have inspired me to keep pushing through. Now it’s my turn to give back.”  Are you ready to make a life transformation of your own? Looking for a trusted partner to guide you through the process? Contact Raw Power Austin today to learn more about our personal training programs or to setup a private consultation with Nathan.

Raw Power trainers motivate, encourage & promote confidence in athletes of all ages.

Contact us today to learn more. Call 702-271-8112.




When it comes to creating true transformations in health and fitness, there’s one key element that’s often overlooked - personal relationships. Connecting with clients, understanding their story and unlocking the hidden potential deep inside us all. At Raw Power Gym in Austin, this philosophy underpins everything that we do.  That’s why we take a personal interest in the growth and development of every single patron. We never shoehorn you into a one-size-fits-all type program, but instead work to understand your goals and desires. Then we design a customized training program to help get you there. Once the path is laid out, we provide the support and encouragement you need to see maximum results in record time.

Our proven training methods remove the typical hype and gimmicks found elsewhere. Instead, we adhere to the same raw training principles used by fitness legends and professional athletes from around the world. Each program is safe, backed by science and guaranteed to work.

Whether you’re looking for strength training, conditioning, cardio, nutritional counseling, sport-specific training or anything in-between, Raw Power Austin is the place to go. We serve Bee Cave and the surrounding communities and offer exceptional training at affordable prices.  Call us for more detailed pricing at 702-271-8112




We know that and active fitness lifestyle can take its toll on the body. With that in mind, we have our own in house, state certified, massage therapist. In addition to sports massage, we also offer A.R.T. or Active Release Therapy for acute myofascial pain relief. 



Paul Clear  

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Established in 2009, Raw Power is a husband and wife owned gym dedicated to helping Austinites in Lakeway, Bee Cave, Westlake, and Dripping Springs unlock their true strength and unlimited potential. After witnessing an explosion of exercise fads over the last few decades, founders Shannon and Seneca Sarnella knew there had to be a better way to train. A more natural, raw method of getting the results people demanded.

So they went “old school” in their training. Utilizing fundamental techniques to get clients in shape fast, achieve long-lasting results, and minimize the risk of injury along the way. They created exercise and diet programs that everyday people could fit into their busy schedules and personalized training where the client’s goals were the main focus.

They built a community of like-minded individuals that share in one another’s success and constantly evolve to be the best versions of themselves possible. A family that loves, supports and stands by each member.   That’s the Raw Power way.



The original power couple and founders of Raw Power Gym. Shannon and Seneca are both respected coaches and athletes and have over 20 years of combined experience in the fitness, strength and conditioning fields.

Shannon and Seneca believe that everyone has the ability to be fit and healthy, and having the right support network in place is the best way to get there. That’s why they partner with only the finest trainers and coaches in the Austin area and take a holistic approach to serving their clients. Not just weight training, but nutrition counseling, lifestyle choices and helping to instill confidence and an unbreakable mindset in everyone they coach.

When you’re ready to take that first step towards changing your life for good, Shannon and Seneca are waiting to help. Stop by their Bee Cave location to learn more about Raw Power Austin’s services.


So what makes Raw Power different from the big box gyms you’re accustomed to? It’s simple. Literally. If you really want to get stronger, fitter and faster it all starts with the basics.

Proven, time-tested exercises and smooth, fluid movements that align with the body’s natural mechanics. Powerful compound lifts to grow muscle and strengthen joints. Fat-shredding cardio to build a lean, sexy physique. All under the watchful eye of trained former athletes who know what works and how to avoid injuries.  Save the crazy, dangerous workouts for someone else. Build your body and increase your confidence naturally - the Raw Power way.


Think that Raw Power is different than what you’re used to?  We sure hope so.

No more crowded group training or impersonal service. No more astronomical membership fees or long-term contracts. Just dedicated fitness experts and one-on-one coaching to break through your plateaus and continue making progress. Not to mention affordable pricing and monthly membership options.

No more fancy machines that look pretty (but offer little in return) or waiting around for the equipment you really want. Just the power of abundant raw steel, classic strongman tools and experienced staff to guide you through your workout.

Who wants dangerous exercises or limited programs to choose from? Nobody. Instead, how about a safe, monitored environment and a wide variety of training packages to suit every taste. You’ll never get bored or run out of options to choose from.

Ready to get raw with your training? Contact us today to find out more about what Raw Power Austin has to offer. 


The entire Raw Power team is composed of die-hard athletes who know what it takes to build strength and create lasting gains. Most have experienced life-changing moments of their own - sparking their passion for fitness and becoming the driving factor in their desire to help others.

You won’t find a more talented, experienced and compassionate group of personal trainers anywhere. We believe in our clients - that’s why we do whatever it takes to get them healthy and in the best shape of their lives. No hype, no gimmicks. Just real results from certified coaches delivered in a safe, motivating environment.   What are you waiting for?

Call us today at 702-271-8112 to learn more and get fit once and for all.


Raw Power Gym offers a truly unique and immersive training experience. Unlike traditional box gyms, we don’t utilize “fluff” promotions to lure you in. Nor do we have too little actual equipment (like some CrossFit locations) as to limit what you can do. 

Our inventory and gym environment is REAL and RAW. That means we offer truly functional equipment that’s exactly what you need to get the job done. We call it the “No Shenanigans” zone.

Raw Power’s indoor facility includes all the free weights you’ll ever need as well as the right specialty equipment for an incredible workout. For additional variety, we include a great selection of Olympic, powerlifting and strongman tools to spice up your routine.

Wanna take it outside? No problem. Our outdoor training area includes conditioning sleds, tractor tires, sledgehammers and additional strongman apparatus to shake things up. Not only is our outdoor equipment fun to use but makes for a hardcore workout as well.

Stop sitting on machines or walking on treadmills with TVs shoved in your face. They’re not helping you reach your goals. Instead, come to Raw Power and train your body the way that nature intended - with free weights, natural movements and explosive Raw Power.

Call 702-271-8112

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Go ahead. We're help you achieve them... no matter what the goal. 

In the end, getting fit and being healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t need to chase the latest trends, destroy yourself exercising or spend a fortune to get in shape. You just need the right plan - and a little support to help you get there.

That’s what Raw Power Austin is all about. Providing clients with easy-to-follow workouts based on timeless principles and offering real results. No hype, no gimmicks and no BS. Just the raw training and guidance you need to tap into your hidden potential.
Raw Power coaches are real-world athletes who know what works and understand what to avoid. Each trainer takes pride in helping their clients achieve amazing results and sets the tone for a lifetime of good health and fitness. Unlike other gyms, Raw Power trainers care about your success and are with you every step of the way.

Our programs are affordable, practical and fun. Each workout is designed for safety as well as to increase gains and overall performance. We challenge you to find another program that offers more variety, greater value or better options for achieving your goals. And right now is a great time to join! We have three incredible offers to choose from:

  • FREE one week trial membership and fitness assessment - or -
  • 1 FREE personal training session and nutritional consult - or - 
  • 1 FREE group class or buddy workout

If you’re in Lakeway, Bee Cave, Westlake, Dripping Springs or Oakhill, we encourage you to call 702-271-8112 or stop by today and experience what personal training in Austin was meant to be.


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